The Team

Meet the team members that support the Ambercool cause

Executive Photographer


Founding Ambercool in 2008, Viet has a unique eye and style that he uses to capture images that opens the viewers eyes, and includes them on his creative journey.  His open-minded view of the world allow for a comfortable and personable experience during every shoot.



Main fun creative film buff.



As Ambercool’s editor, Alexis provides an inside look to the mind of a young adult. Bringing passion and creativity as well as sense of community among her readers, her attention to detail extends a different perspective towards every venture.

Creative Director


Being well versed in many arts from dance to videography, Dayo is somewhat of a “MacGyver” of production; he has a unique ability to blend individual drops of talent into brilliant master pieces. His passion to enhance the human experience draws people in and brings out the best in each and every individual.

Assistant Photographer



Gifted with creativity, Michelle acts as another mind in the mix of the Ambercool team. Dabbling in a bit of photography herself, Michelle brings about a fun, yet practical, environment for the Ambercool brand.