In 2015 we got to experience our first Katsucon, a local convention that is less than 10 miles away from where we live. After having such an amazing experience the first year we have been going back ever since and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! Wondering if you should go to Katsucon 2018? Definitely! And here’s why-



First off, the venue.  Katsucon is held at the Gaylord Hotel every year at the National Harbor in Maryland. It has a vast amount of space, both inside and outside making it a great location for a convention this size. However, one drawback can be that it is a bit isolated from other must sees in the area.

When taking a closer look at the inside of the venue there are multiple floors in which the convention is held. Because of this there is plenty of room to walk around, enjoy meetups, socialize with your friends, take lots of photos, and an endless amount of exhibition rooms to visit! While the inside is nice, the outside is even better as it overlooks the Potomac River and is made up of gorgeous gardens making it the perfect place for photos in natural light. The beauty outside of the Hotel can almost arguably be the main convention hall itself!

Exhibits & Halls

Speaking of the exhibition halls, among the many that are present, Merchant Hall is my favorite. The Hall is home to custom pieces, making it extremely hard to leave empty handed. The hours for this exhibit are pretty late, so if you are a looking for something to do after dinner this is perfect. While this hall is open an additional day, don’t wait until the last minute to make purchases because the Hall is will super packed and the chances of missing out on something you wanted earlier are pretty high.

Some other exhibits to pay attention to are the Artist Alley and the Art Show. And if you still find that you have time, you can also visit an exhibit to play your favorite tabletop games like Pokemon with all of your fellow gamers.

Cosplay & Meetups

Throughout my time as a photographer and as a gaming fanatic, this is one of the largest cosplay gatherings that I have ever been to. You can find people dressed up as your favorite characters from Naruto, to Pokemon, from League of Legends to Overwatch, and so many more. Because the venue has so much space it isn’t hard to get everyone from each world involved.

Ever since my very first Katuscon Convention I have always believed that the cosplays were top notch and over the years I am just continuously amazed by the thought and craftsmanship that the attendees bring. However with that being said, if you aren’t a cosplayer that’s ok! Because this convention provides for everyone to be completely comfortable no matter how they show up. The main goal is to bring people together to share their common interests and to share in the entire experience that Katuscon has to offer.

Food & Dining

Since the area directly around the convention consists mainly of the Hotel’s features and amenities, the food options aren’t that vast. However, everything you could want to eat is just a few blocks away. Some of the restaurants aren’t always budget friendly however there are local eateries such as Pot Belly, which are just as delicious!


When it comes to Katsucon, I firmly believe that it is one of the best anime conventions out there which is why we do our very best to attend each year. The venue is perfect and there is never a second where you think “what should I do next.” Katsucon is home to some of the best cosplays and each year when I think it can’t get any better I am proven wrong. I can’t wait to see you this year for 2018!

Additional gallery of 99 photos is at Ambercool Photography

Additional videos Part 2 and Part 3 are on our Youtube channel.


Written by: Viet
Edited by: Alexis

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