I never thought that this would end up happening to me. I don't think anyone really ever does. But here I am,  a young woman with a man that says he loves me but beats me every time he drinks or situations become out of his control. I don’t know what to do, or where to turn with no family in the area and no money, there's no escape.

I guess I should start from the beginning, four years ago, I met a very attractive man.  And every time he saw me, he was practically begging me to let him take me out. For a long time, I denied his invitations but after a while I gave in to his constant requests and went out with him. Not too long after that, things got really heavy and I moved in with him. He started to tell me that I could no longer take my birth control pills. When he found out I hadn't complied with his wishes, he waited for me to come home from work and beat me. I knew that bringing a child into this abusive relationship was not going to help my situation, or provide me with an easier out, but there was nothing that I could do to stop it. It seemed like it was his tactic to control me, to keep me. She was a blessing to my bleak life and the reason why I tried to make things work with my significant other, but the beatings became more frequent and the despair began to overshadow the ray of light that she had brought into my life.

There came a point where I just couldn't take it anymore, so I left, I took our daughter and I left him. He went absolutely crazy looking for us and he didn't give up until he had succeeded in finding us. And when he did, he filled my head with promises of change, that he would be better, that things would be better. When we got home and he beat me. At that time, I didn’t know what was better for me or my daughter. If I was on my own, just her and I, I worked a full-time job and barely had enough money to pay for groceries, let alone a babysitter. And with him? I had everything financially figured out. Almost as though I was the bank that he used with the illusion to provide for us.  He attained those provisions by robbing me of my soul and destroying me from the inside out.

People, even those closest to him, would tell me that I'm too beautiful and too young to deal with such abusive behavior. But I don't really care about my youth or appearance.  The most important factor is my daughter and keeping her safe. I didn’t do anything to deserve this… No one ever does anything to deserve this.

This fictional blog was based on a true story.  Some details were modified to protect the identity of the victim(s).

Written By: Dayo
Volunteer Model: Michelle
Edited By: Alexis

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