So, to say I’m a photographer would be a complete shot in the dark, because I am the farthest thing from it. All I have under my belt in regards to photography are two classes of imaging tech that I took in high school, one of which I was put in as a mistake. I’m not skilled in perfecting aperture or using the rule of thirds, I just don’t have the sort of eye for it. So when I was asked to continue the Nikon 1 series while on my trip through Europe, well let’s just say I knew I wouldn’t be able to provide as much of a technical viewpoint as the first post. That my take on the camera would be more along the lines of a review you would read on amazon rather than a complete overview of the camera.

With that being said, Europe is absolutely amazing. You tend to fall in love with cities while looking at pictures of them and that was definitely the case for me in regards to London and Paris before I was ever given the opportunity to travel there. So in using the camera, my goal was to take photos that would capture the beauty of each city. Essentially you can return home and talk about how great the trip was but it’s different when you’re able to tell the stories while showing the pictures.

My favorite thing about the camera hands down was it’s size. While the people I was traveling with were lugging around giant cameras, I was carrying one that, I felt, provided me with just as high quality images, just in a smaller package. Although I’m one to stray from wearing a camera around your neck and embracing the whole tourist look, the camera is so compact that hardly any attention was drawn to it at all.

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