Prom, it’s filled with stress, anxiety, and excitement. All three were in attendance as the looming day came upon us. Prom has always been something for the girls. So it only makes sense to go in attendance with some of your closet friends. As the school year winds down to an end, it only becomes clearer that soon you’ll be leaving the comfort of home. That single night serves as a sort of last hurrah between you and the people you have spent the last four years of your life with.

Although some girls take the entire day to prep for those few hours, I was too lazy to start until around 3:00, which of course added to my stress since my group was arriving around 6:00. But we made it to dinner on time, even through all of the mishaps that happened along the way. Some of which included me running late, and one girls dressing snagging on a corner and ripping all the way up her leg.

Strangely enough the theme of the dance was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Weird, but it somehow worked. The invitations were Wonka chocolate bars and each held a golden ticket.  The venue was of course all sorts of cliche, balloon arches, a photo booth, confetti cannons that shot off when prom king and queen were announced, and balloons that fell from the ceiling shortly after. But as soon as you stepped onto the dance floor you all but forgot that you were at a high school prom as you tried to maneuver through the throngs of sweaty bodies.

But the night doesn’t end when the dance does. Afterwards, everyone in the pictures and a few stranglers got together for a bonfire. There were s ‘mores, “scary” stories, and movies. It was a nice way to spend time with the people you’re closest with. While also being a bit nostalgic, the night served as a reminder that soon everything is going to change. I’ll be off to college, and so will all of my friends, some the same and some different. It was a reminder that I’m growing up, you can’t stop the hands on the clock, or rewind, all you an do is hold your head up and take the change is stride. Because although it holds the unknown, the future holds a plethora of great moments waiting to be experienced.



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